Terminal Tools

Bash and Node.js tools for your terminal.

TERA: Terminal Radio
Interactive terminal music radio player. Play your favorite radio station, CRUD your favorite lists, and explore new radio stations from your terminal.
A bash script that automates creating header images for your articles, email, presentation and other purposes.
Shellscript starter
Quick starter for Shell/Bash script
Transform the macOS CLI into a fresh GNU/Linux CLI by installing missing GNU programs, updating outdated GNU programs, replacing pre-installed BSD programs.
A simple shell script package manager that installs a shell script package from a GitHub repo on your macOS/Linux.
A Node script for converting PNG and JPG images to AVIF and WebP format with various sizes.
Convert formats and resize image
SPT: Simple Pacakage Tool
A Bash script to generate a basic DEBIAN package from Github-name/repo-name.
Create and add large words print it with a typewriter effect.
Automates creating a GitHub repo. The script creates .gitignore, a license.txt, a README.md file and commit with a message. It will create a remote repo and push all the files.
Fix your gitignore problem by recursively removing all unstaged and paths from the index, and adding all files, commit, and push to the origin main.
Replaces spaces of file names with underscores as the default
A dotfile management script that saves specified dotfiles to a secret Gist and clone them from the Gist.
A CLI tool for generating a responsive image tag with support for AVIF and WebP formats
A Bash Script to create PDF documents for React, Vue, Svelte, SvelteKit, Nuxt, Vitest, pnpm, Slidev, and more.
Cleanit cleanup your ~/Downloads and ~/.Trash directory, and set the cleanup schedule on your MacOS.
ABI: Automate Brew Install
Automate Brew Install creates a Gist of your Homebrew formula or cask, and install Homebrew them from a Gist
A simple Bash script that display a command description and options from Man page or help on macOS/Linux.
Read HTML Download PDF
Preview and download PDFs with ease.
Svelte SVG Icons Creator: Bash Script for creating Svelte SVG icons
A command-line tool for resizing images quickly and easily.
A wrapper for Poppler/pdftoimg that converts pdf files to image files.