Terminal Tools

Bash and Node.js tools for your terminal.

TERA: Terminal Radio
GitHub release - shinokada/tera Interactive terminal music radio player. Play your favorite radio station, CRUD your favorite lists, and explore new radio stations from your terminal.
GitHub release - shinokada/teffects A bash script that automates creating header images for your articles, email, presentation and other purposes.
Shellscript starter
GitHub release - shinokada/shellscript-starter Quick starter for Shell/Bash script
GitHub release - shinokada/macgnu Transform the macOS CLI into a fresh GNU/Linux CLI by installing missing GNU programs, updating outdated GNU programs, replacing pre-installed BSD programs.
GitHub release - shinokada/awesome A simple shell script package manager that installs a shell script package from a GitHub repo on your macOS/Linux.
GitHub release - shinokada/bimgc A Node script for converting PNG and JPG images to AVIF and WebP format with various sizes.
GitHub release - shinokada/consize Convert formats and resize image
SPT: Simple Pacakage Tool
GitHub release - shinokada/spt A Bash script to generate a basic DEBIAN package from Github-name/repo-name.
GitHub release - shinokada/typelet Create and add large words print it with a typewriter effect.
GitHub release - shinokada/gitstart Automates creating a GitHub repo. The script creates .gitignore, a license.txt, a README.md file and commit with a message. It will create a remote repo and push all the files.
GitHub release - shinokada/gitig Fix your gitignore problem by recursively removing all unstaged and paths from the index, and adding all files, commit, and push to the origin main.
GitHub release - shinokada/replaceit Replaces spaces of file names with underscores as the default
GitHub release - shinokada/dotties A dotfile management script that saves specified dotfiles to a secret Gist and clone them from the Gist.
GitHub release - shinokada/imgtaggen A CLI tool for generating a responsive image tag with support for AVIF and WebP formats
GitHub release - shinokada/markdown-docs-as-pdf A Bash Script to create PDF documents for React, Vue, Svelte, SvelteKit, Nuxt, Vitest, pnpm, Slidev, and more.
GitHub release - shinokada/cleanit Cleanit cleanup your ~/Downloads and ~/.Trash directory, and set the cleanup schedule on your MacOS.
ABI: Automate Brew Install
GitHub release - shinokada/abi Automate Brew Install creates a Gist of your Homebrew formula or cask, and install Homebrew them from a Gist
GitHub release - shinokada/manop A simple Bash script that display a command description and options from Man page or help on macOS/Linux.
Read HTML Download PDF
Badge for Read HTML Download PDF-1d75af Preview and download PDFs with ease.
GitHub release - shinokada/ssic Svelte SVG Icons Creator: Bash Script for creating Svelte SVG icons
GitHub release - shinokada/quick-resize A command-line tool for resizing images quickly and easily.
GitHub release - shinokada/pdftoimg A wrapper for Poppler/pdftoimg that converts pdf files to image files.