29 Svelte SVG Icon Sets

For Svelte 5/Runes projects

For Svelte 4/5 projects

Flowbite Svelte Icons
NPM version of flowbite-svelte-icons 510+ SVG Flowbite icon components for Svelte 4/5/Runes.
Svelte Awesome Icons
NPM version of svelte-awesome-icons 2000+ Font Awesome SVG icon components for Svelte 4/5/Runes.
Svelte Supertiny
NPM version of svelte-supertiny 340+ SVG logos for popular brands from SuperTinyIcons for Svelte 4/5/Runes.
Svelte Ant Design Icons
NPM version of svelte-ant-design-icons 780+ Ant Design SVG Icons (v4.2.1) for Svelte.
Svelte Bootstrap SVG Icons
NPM version of svelte-bootstrap-svg-icons 1950+ Bootstrap SVG icon components for Svelte.
Svelte Boxicons
NPM version of svelte-boxicons 1500+ SVG boxicons components for Svelte.
Svelte Circle Flags
NPM version of svelte-circle-flags 380+ SVG Circle Flag icons
Svelte Coreui Icons
NPM version of svelte-coreui-icons 1500+ beautifully crafted CoreUI Icons for Svelte.
Svelte Cryptocurrency Icons
NPM version of svelte-cryptocurrency-icons 470+ SVG crypto currency icon components for Svelte.
Svelte Cssgg Icons
NPM version of svelte-cssgg-icons 700+ SVG icons from css.gg for Svelte.
Svelte Evil Icons
NPM version of svelte-evil-icons 70+ SVG evil-icons components for Svelte.
Svelte Feathers
NPM version of svelte-feathers 280+ SVG Feather icons for Svelte.
Svelte File Icons
NPM version of svelte-file-icons 930+ SVG file icons for Svelte.
Svelte Flag Icons
NPM version of svelte-flag-icons 260+ SVG flag icons for Svelte.
Svelte Flags
NPM version of svelte-flags 250+ SVG flag icons for Svelte
Svelte Google Materialdesign Icons
NPM version of svelte-google-materialdesign-icons 2120+ Google Material Design icons for Svelte.
Svelte Heros
NPM version of svelte-heros 580+ Tailwind CSS Hero icons for Svelte.
Svelte Heros v2
NPM version of svelte-heros-v2 870+ Tailwind CSS Hero icons v2 for Svelte.
Svelte Ionicons
NPM version of svelte-ionicons 1330+ Ionicicons for Svelte.
Svelte Lucide
NPM version of svelte-lucide 1210+ Lucide icons for Svelte.
Svelte Materialdesign Icons
NPM version of svelte-materialdesign-icons 7330+ MaterialDesign icons for Svelte.
Svelte Oct
NPM version of svelte-oct 270+ Octicons icons for Svelte.
Svelte Radix
NPM version of svelte-radix 310+ Radix icons for Svelte.
Svelte Remix
NPM version of svelte-remix 2270+ Remixicons for Svelte.
Svelte Simples
NPM version of svelte-simples 2620+ popular brands Simple-icons for Svelte.
Svelte Tabler
NPM version of svelte-tabler 4600+ Tabler icons for Svelte.
Svelte Teenyicons
NPM version of svelte-teenyicons 600+ Teenyicons for Svelte.
Svelte Twitter Emoji
NPM version of svelte-twitter-emoji 3600+ Twitter emoji color icons for Svelte.
Svelte Weather
NPM version of svelte-weather 210+ weather-icons for Svelte.